Productivity killers: The top five

Updated 6:18 AM ET, Tue October 9, 2012
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Traveling around the globe may help secure those big deals but on the flip side jet setting can seriously damage productivity.Created by Laura Miller and Ines Torre Yougov
More than 50% of those surveyed traveled at least four times a month, often to new places. For some, settling in new surroundings can be a daunting prospect and often leaves them with a negative outlook regarding their job. Yougov
More than a quarter of respondents said business travel left them feeling "exhausted". Finding a suitable place to recover after a long journey can increase stress levels even further. Often hotels are fully booked, or customers can't access their rooms immediately. Travelers should shop around and book in advance to ensure they find the right place to recuperate. Yougov
One in seven people blamed their companies for making business travel more difficult. Isabel Montesdeoca, the senior vice president of travel and expense management provider Concur, said employee productivity would increase if simpler booking systems were put in place. "It's important that business leaders take ownership of the travel experience for their staff in order to improve overall employee satisfaction," she said. Yougov
Last minute changes to a meeting or presentation are often unavoidable. But adjusting travel arrangements accordingly can be frustrating. One in ten of those surveyed said their biggest pain point when travelling was the inability to efficiently book air or rail travel at short notice. Wasted time and the inability to sustain productivity was cited by many respondents as a big concern. Yougov
The biggest issue for business travellers comes in the aftermath of their trip. Filing receipts and expense reports is boring and time-consuming. This, teamed with other problems, left one in twenty of those surveyed with thoughts of resigning. One in five travellers said their negative experiences would prompt them to turn down a new job, if it required a lot of travel. yougov