Photos: Preparing for first debate

Published 11:22 AM ET, Wed October 3, 2012
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As members of the media prepare their television sets, University of Denver students Zach Gonzales, left, and Dia Mohamed stand in for the nominees during a dress rehearsal for the presidential debate Tuesday, October 2, in Denver. President Obama and Mitt Romney will square off during the first of three debates on Wednesday night. Getty Images
Workers prepare the set for the television anchors during the first presidential debate at the University of Denver on Monday, October 1. AFP/Getty Images
Workers make adjustments to the stage on Tuesday. Getty Images
A man walks through the media center as preparations continue on Monday. AFP/Getty Images
Workers carry a podium onto the stage on Monday. AFP/Getty Images
Gonzales, left, and Mohamed stand in for Romney and Obama on Tuesday. Getty Images
Desks sit ready for reporters in the media center on Monday. AFP/Getty Images
A worker puts cords down on Tuesday. Getty Images
Television crews begin to broadcast on Tuesday outside the Ritchie Center, where the first 2012 presidential debate will take place. Getty Images