Green airports on carbon cutting mission

Updated 5:03 AM ET, Tue October 2, 2012
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FedEx Express has worked with Chicago O'Hare International to install a living roof atop its main sorting building. The feature is one of 12 living roofs planted across Chicago's three main airports. FedEx
Wind turbines at Boston Logan International Airport look out upon the city's downtown area. A total of 20 wind turbines have been installed on the roof of the Logan Office Center. MASSPORT
Pier E of Zurich Airport in Switzerland is covered by photovoltaic cells enabling part of the terminal building to generate part of its energy requirements. Zurich Airport
Denver International Airport (the distinctive turrets of which can be seen here in the distance) also generates on site solar power. Three installations across the airport grounds have a combined power output of 8MW. Denver International Airport
A Finnair plane is blasted with de-icing liquid on the tarmac of Helsinki Vantaa Airport. Oxygen consuming chemicals are required to de-ice planes during the winter months in the Finnish capital, however Vantaa Airport has initiated a program that insists on securing the least polluting products for this task. AFP/Getty Images
Hong Kong International has ambitions to become the world's greenest airport. More than 100,000 energy-efficient LED lights are due to be installed throughout the sites two terminal buildings (as they have been here) to meet this target. Hong Kong International Airport
Another location making use of an innovative lighting arrangement is Changi Airport in Singapore. Double glazed glass and solar shading devices let natural light into the building whilst minimizing the heat generated from sunlight, reducing the need for artificial lighting and air conditioning. Changi Airport
Aircraft docked at Zurich International are powered by fixed ground sources connected to the airport terminal building and not by their own auxiliary power units. The Swiss airport estimates that this tactic has so far saved around 30,000 tons of CO2 emissions. Zurich International Airport