Indian state battling infant malnutrition

Updated 9:19 PM ET, Sun October 14, 2012
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Sister Shaikh gives advice to pregnant women on nutrition in India's western state of Maharashtra -- a region where many children suffer from malnutrition. Mallika Kapur/CNN
Among her many duties, Sister Shaikh conducts basic health checkups on pregnant woman in her modest health clinic. Mallika Kapur/CNN
Children eat their morning meals at an anganwadi center, which also provides basic education and health care. Mallika Kapur/CNN
Children are taught the basics of good hygiene, including how to use soap and water to wash their hands. Mallika Kapur/CNN
Sai, who is almost three years old, sits with mother and neighbor outside her home. Anganwadi workers counsel her mother about how, when and what to feed Sai to increase her weight. Mallika Kapur/CNN
Sai is weighed by an anganwadi worker. She weighs 10.3 kilograms, almost two kilgrams less than she should for her age and height. Mallika Kapur/CNN
Maharashtra state is making progress in the fight against malnutrition by focusing on the first 1,000 days of a child's life. Mallika Kapur/CNN