The superyacht that doubles as a science laboratory

Updated 7:34 AM ET, Mon October 1, 2012
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The RV Pegaso is a 73.6 meter superyacht boasting a fully-equipped, cutting edge marine laboratory big enough to house a team of 12 scientists. Courtesy Adrian Houston
A view of Pegaso's laboratory area on the main deck -- fitted with a range of technology that allows the on board team of scientists to do everything from tracking endangered marine life to studying water pollution levels. Courtesy Adrian Houston
The research vessel is equipped with a five-person submarine. Weighing 14 tons, it is the world's only privately owned diver-lockout sub, according to its management company, allowing divers to enter and leave underwater via different chambers. Courtesy Adrian Houston
The sub has standing room of 1.8meters and can travel to 170 meters under water, allowing guests to explore at depths few have ventured before. Courtesy Adrian Houston
The vast array of diving equipment on board includes a machine that produces high-quality oxygen -- allowing trained guests to dive deeper, longer and safer. Courtesy Adrian Houston
Catering for the superyacht elite, RV Pegaso also boasts a helicopter landing pad. The on board decompression chamber is heli-portable, should a diver need to be transported to hospital in an emergency. Courtesy Adrian Houston
The owner, an accomplished diver and advocate of ocean preservation, wanted to design a boat which would unite luxury travel and significant scientific research. Courtesy Adrian Houston
Along with cutting edge scientific facilities are all the luxury comforts you'd expect from a superyacht. Boasting six double bedrooms, the number of scientists is dependent on the number of guests on board. Courtesy Adrian Houston
"When we do trips with our clients, they still like wonderful meals, they still like massages, they still like the luxury of living aboard a superyacht," says Sean Dooley of the Ocean Preservation Alliance. Courtesy Adrian Houston
According Alex Flemming, CEO of Marine Pegaso, the yacht's management company, anybody can rent a superyacht in the south of France, drink champagne and have a lovely time but, he says, "suddenly people are going: 'Hang on a second, I can go somewhere and do some good.'" Courtesy Adrian Houston