Boxing's first female Olympic gold medalist: 'I thought I couldn't continue'

Updated 8:39 AM ET, Fri September 28, 2012
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Nicola Adams: "I don't tend to feel the pressure. But this year I just remember thinking I really want to qualify. I really want to go to the Games." CNN
Nicola Adams: "I always get nervous before a competition. You need that nervous energy in boxing -- it keeps you sharp, keeps you focused, you're a lot more on edge and you can see punches coming a lot faster." Getty Images
Nicola Adams: "Everyone thinks I'm a woman in man's world, but to me I'm just a boxer doing the sport I love." AFP/Getty Images
Nicola Adams: "I chose to not go out clubbing and drinking with my friends because I want to be a great boxer." Getty Images
Nicola Adams: "I think the key to make it in any sport, especially boxing, is having that determination, the willpower and the focus." CNN
Nicola Adams: "I just remember thinking, whatever she does I'm going to do it 10 times better; she throws a punch I'll throw five back. She brought out the very best in me in that match." Getty Images