'The only easy day was yesterday'

Published 10:43 AM ET, Thu September 27, 2012
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Justin Legg received a double lung transplant in July 2010. "I remember waiting... to take that first breath," Legg says. "I just took one big deep breath and (said), 'Oh, man, this is awesome.'" Courtesy Justin Legg
Legg trekked 11,600 feet up Mount McKinley a year after the transplant with a group of wounded combat veterans. Courtesy Justin Legg
In September 2012, Legg participated in the Rock N' Roll half marathon in Virginia Beach. Courtesy MarathonFoto
Legg gives his wife, Suzanne, a kiss on his way to the finish line. The beer can in his hand is a tradition that started when he ran marathons as a Navy SEAL. Courtesy MarathonFoto
The "frogman" finished the race in three hours and six minutes. "Ever hear the expression, It's not the destination but the journey? It was definitely true on race day," Legg says. "All those people in the front of the pack ... they finished in 1:30 and didn't even get half the experience I did." Courtesy MarathonFoto