President Barack Obama exits Air Force One in Ohio Wednesday after an initial landing attempt was aborted.

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Presidential aircraft pulled out of landing attempt in Ohio due to weather conditions

Air Force One landed safely; was carrying President Barack Obama to campaign event

Ann Romney talks about emergency landing of her plane last week in Denver

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Air Force One, flying President Barack Obama to a campaign event, aborted an initial landing attempt in Ohio on Wednesday due to weather conditions.

The jumbo jet experienced turbulence on approach to Toledo and was within sight of the runway when the pilot pulled the plane up and circled the airport, according to reporters on board.

“Air Force One, missed approach,” the pilot announced to air traffic controllers, according to radio recordings on the website

“We’d like radar vectors back around,” the pilot said, according to the recordings.

The Boeing 747 landed safely shortly before noon ET after its go-around, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

The FAA described the incident as a “routine missed approach due to weather.”

Weather conditions included fog and mist. Visibility was three miles, but the clouds were at 400 feet.

It was the second aviation incident related to the presidential campaign in the past week.

A charter carrying Ann Romney, the wife of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, made an emergency landing in Denver due to an electrical problem on Friday.

Mrs. Romney detailed the event in an interview airing Wednesday on “Access Hollywood Live.”

“I’m just watching a movie, sitting there and all the sudden, the movie goes off and I turn around, and it was so shocking. The whole inside of the plane was full of smoke,” she said of the flight, originally scheduled from Omaha, Nebraska, to Los Angeles.

“We landed, the door flew open, we flew, we got thrown off the airplane and we were on the runway,” she said.

No injuries were reported.

Ann Romney details ‘shocking’ emergency landing

CNN’s Mike Ahlers, Aaron Cooper and Ashley Killough contributed to this report.