Police to Fiona Apple: ‘Just shut up and sing’

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Fiona Apple is not happy with police in Hudspeth County, Texas

They are not happy with her public criticism of the sheriff's department

Spokesman says he is more famous than her

Apple was arrested for marijuana, hashish possession

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Fiona Apple recently spent a night in a jail in Texas. She apparently was a little ticked off at the behavior of some of the folks who watched over her stay.

The Grammy-winning singer told the audience at her next show about it, and videos of her harsh speech were posted on the web.

The Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Office must have gotten wind of it because its public information officer issued a sharp rebuttal Monday.

Rusty Fleming even had some advice for Apple: “Just shut up and sing.”

Border patrol agents in Texas arrested singer Fiona Apple after finding marijuana and hashish on her tour bus, authorities said Thursday.

After she was released from jail, Apple did a concert in Houston where she launched into her critical remarks before her first song.

“Most of the people were very nice to me,” she said. “There are four of you out there, and I want you to know that I heard everything you did. I wrote it all down with your names and everything you did and said stupidly thinking I couldn’t hear or see you.”

Then it got interesting.

Apple said she ripped the paper up, not before “encoding” the information and putting it in a “lock box” or a “holding cell.” Another holding cell holds the decoder and Apple is the only one with the key, she said.

She said the behavior of the four was inappropriate and likely illegal.

Fleming said it was the official position of the sheriff’s office that if she has a legal complaint she should call the state attorney general.

“We’ll give her the number if she needs that,” the release said.

Apple told the Houston concertgoers that she was going to keep the information private unless “you’re interested in being a celebrity, I’ll make you … famous any time you ask,” she said, referring to members of the sheriff’s department.

Fleming was not amused, it seems.

“First, Honey, I’m already more famous than you, I don’t need your help. However, it would appear that you need mine. Two weeks ago nobody in the country cared about what you had to say. Now that you’ve been arrested it appears your entire career has been jump started. Don’t worry, Sweetie, I won’t bill you,” he wrote.

The sultry-voiced singer first shot to fame in 1997 with her hit single, “Criminal,” which earned her a Grammy Award for best female vocal rock performance.

She is currently on tour promoting her new album and was scheduled to perform in New Orleans on Monday night. So far, no new videos on YouTube.

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CNN’s David Alsup and Jane Caffrey contributed to this report.