Photos: How the world welcomed fall

Updated 12:09 PM ET, Wed September 26, 2012
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Saturday, September 22, marked the start of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and the beginning of spring in the Southern Hemisphere. CNN celebrated the change of seasons with a global photo project. Victoria Hussey shot this photo with the new iPhone 5 on an evening walk in Clinton, Michigan. Courtesy Victoria Hussey
"I saw the early morning fog and thought it was a very interesting shot," said Yves Preston, who used an iPhone 4S to get this shot in Lac Du Cours, Wisconsin. Courtesy Yves Preston
Marcia Rieke always has her phone with her -- an HTC Sensation -- but doesn't often use it to take pictures. She captured this sunrise from her balcony in Tucson, Arizona. Courtesy Marcia Rieke
Christopher Lampiris recently purchased a house in the canyon of Ogden, Utah, and was "amazed at the beautiful scenery and colors" on the first day of autumn. This photo was shot with an iPhone 4. Courtesy Christopher Lampiris
In Beirut, Lebanon, Carol Boyadjian woke up early to get this shot of clouds with her Samsung Galaxy S2. "The sky in Lebanon looks amazing in the mornings," she said. Courtesy Carol Boyadjian
"I was really excilarated by the crisp autumn breeze, the bright sunshine, and the bluest skies I have ever seen on the first day of fall," said Gardenia Hung, who used her Samsung phone to shoot the Cloud Gate stainless steel sculpture at Millennium Park in Chicago, Illinois. Courtesy Gardenia Hung
Mary Kay Flick spotted this pumpkin tractor while enjoying a fall day in the mountains of Cashiers, North Carolina. This photo was taken with an iPhone 4S. Courtesy Mary Kay Flick
"Fall is my favorite season of the year," said Hans-Dieter Fleger, who used an iPhone 4S to capture this view of the Rauland Mountains in Telemark, Norway.
James Stephenson used the ProCamera app on his iPhone 4 to get this action shot of his daughter on a rainy day in Miami Beach, Florida. Courtesy James Stephenson
CNN iReporter Michael Ingram had his friend shoot this photo of him and his sons Eli and Dashiell in a swimming pool in Bowie, Maryland. He says he was "inspired by the possibilities of underwater photography. The color and light were amazing to me." This photo was taken with an iPhone 4S (using an underwater case). Courtesy Michael Ingram
"The rice is almost ready to be harvested, the sun was shining, and there were lovely flowers blooming all along the road," said Michelle Park in Chuncheon, South Korea. She shot this photo with her iPhone 4S.
Adrienne Rich couldn't resist taking a photo of her son Evan playing in the white sand of Destin, Florida. She shot this image with her iPhone 4. Courtesy: Adrienne Rich
Laurie Holloway shot this photo with her iPhone 4S on a weekend getaway in San Diego, California. "It's hard to find fall colors in San Diego, but it was a brilliant, beautiful day. When I saw the kites, I thought, 'Well, those are just different kinds of fall colors.'" Courtesy Laurie Holloway
Autumn began with a "lovely, crisp day" in Leeds, North England, said Jason Snowden, who used a Nokia N8 for this image. "The best camera is the one you have with you," he said. "With a Nokia, I can always get a great shot and capture the moment." Courtesy Jason Snowden
Dan Walton used his iPhone 4S during the late evening to capture this image of an iron ore dock in Marquette, Michigan. Courtesy Dan Walton
"Once the sun began to set, I knew the amazing glow of the balloons would be a great pic," said Courtney Bilbrey, who shot this photo with her iPhone 4S at the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Courtesy Courtney Bilbrey
Chris Cobourn captured this sunset in China Lake, Maine, with an iPhone 4. "I love the light at that time of day. It is my favorite time to take a picture. I can just point and click and let nature do the rest!" Courtesy Chris Cobourn
Alex Hensel used the new iPhone 5 to shoot this picture of grass blades blowing in the wind as the sun began to set in Deerfield, Illiniois. Courtesy Alex Hensel
Sunset on the first day of fall in Crawfordsville, Indiana, taken through a burning bush. Kayla Hens used an HTC Thunderbolt and says, "I love sunset photos, particularly when there is an interesting obstruction in the photo." Courtesy Kayla Hens
The first autumn sunset on Huntington Beach, California, filled Yolanda Martinez with a sense of joy, and a desire to share the beauty with the world. She shot this photo with her iPhone. Courtesy Yolanda Martinez