Red carpet-ready hair and makeup

Updated 11:47 AM ET, Tue September 2, 2014
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At New York Fashion Week this month, stylists walked CNN through how to get the 1960s-inspired look from Pamella Roland's spring/summer 2013 show. Mimic this classic chignon and cat eye, and you'll look like a star from the runway or the red carpet. Hairstylist Paul Labrecque describes the look: "Models' hair will be slightly teased, pulled into a chignon and then sprayed with a high-gloss finish." Evelio Contreras/CNN
To achieve the look, pull the hair into into a medium-high ponytail and secure with an elastic band. Evelio Contreras/CNN
Then, separate the ponytail in half. Evelio Contreras/CNN
From here, take the right side of the hair and coil it clockwise around the base of the ponytail, tucking it into the elastic band after a full rotation. Evelio Contreras/CNN
Repeat Step 4 with the left side of the hair, this time coiling counterclockwise. Evelio Contreras/CNN
Clean up the edges of flyaways by securing hairpins all the way around the chignon. Evelio Contreras/CNN
Anica Myburgh, of Muse Models, shows off the finished updo. You can opt to pull out strands on either side of your head, or keep it neat. Evelio Contreras/CNN
Clean and moisturize your face before applying the makeup to complement the chignon. The makeup look was created by Matin Maulawizada, the Global Artistry Director for Laura Mercier. Evelio Contreras/CNN
Apply foundation and a tinted moisturizer, as needed, to achieve a flawless face. Evelio Contreras/CNN
For the eyes: Achieve the look by drawing a thick upward wing, following the shape of the eye, with liquid liner. The eyelid stays matte and neutral. Evelio Contreras/CNN
Robert Greene, the Lead Makeup Artist for the Pamella Roland presentation, said his one tip for liquid liner is to practice. "The only thing with liquid liners is that everybody's eye shape is different so you really want to practice on that one shape of your eye," he said. "It's not angled, it's elongating the eye. It's really about working with the eye shape." Evelio Contreras/CNN
Curl the lashes before adding mascara. Evelio Contreras/CNN
To draw even more attention to the eyes or for a more nighttime look, you can opt to apply false lashes. However, Greene says you can still achieve the look without using them. Evelio Contreras/CNN
"Pare down the severity of the winged tip by making other things on your face softer," said Greene. For the lips, use a pouty pink creme lip color. Evelio Contreras/CNN
Devon Owens, of Ford Models, shows off the look Maulawizada describes as "a mélange of 1960s glamour." Evelio Contreras/CNN