Libyan protesters force militias out
02:57 - Source: CNN

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Militias have "been a huge problem" in Libya, U.S. congressman says

Libya's army issues ultimatum to militias in the capital and surrounding area

The move comes after protesters overtake an Islamist group's HQ in Benghazi

On Saturday two militias agreed to close bases in the city Derna

Tripoli, Libya CNN  — 

Libyan army troops raided a former military base in Tripoli Sunday, kicking out a rogue infantry brigade and detaining its members.

The raid came shortly after the army issued an ultimatum giving unauthorized militias 48 hours to withdraw from military compounds, public buildings and property belonging to members of the former regime in the country’s capital and surrounding areas. A statement from the army vowed to “use force to carry out these orders,” the state-run LANA news agency said.

The brigade targeted by troops Sunday had not been following orders from Libya’s military command, the Libyan army’s National Mobile Force said in a statement posted on its Facebook page.

After protests, two Islamist militias agree to close bases in Libya