Weather balloon takes photos from space

Updated 5:33 PM ET, Fri September 21, 2012
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Jack Miron, 14, designed a weather balloon that took photos from space. Courtesy Jack Miron
Jack did this as part of a science project. Courtesy Jack Miron
NASA is using this technology for telescope research and studying the atmospheres of Mars, Venus and beyond Courtesy Jack Miron
Jack also enjoys playing Dungeons & Dragons, fencing and reading. Courtesy Jack Miron
A parachute carried the payload -- with camera and Lego man -- safely back to Earth. Courtesy Jack Miron
In order to reach optimum height, Jack measured the balloon's helium density in relation to it's thickness to balance the payload's weight. Courtesy Jack Miron
To capture the images of space, Jack used a GoPro camera programmed to take snap shots every 10 seconds.