Riot at 'New Folsom' prison leaves 13 wounded

Guards put down a brief riot Wednesday at California State Prison-Sacramento, seen here in an aerial view.

Story highlights

  • A guard shot one inmate, prison officials say; eight others stabbed during disturbance
  • Four inmate weapons were found in the exercise yard after the riot, spokesman said
  • The lockup known as "New Folsom" is next door to the famous California prison
Guards at the California state prison known as "New Folsom" put down a brief riot Wednesday that left 13 inmates hospitalized, including one shot by a correctional officer, prison officials said.
About 60 to 70 inmates were involved in the disturbance at California State Prison-Sacramento, said Lt. Tony Quinn, a penitentiary spokesman. Eight of those taken to the hospital had stab wounds, while a guard shot one inmate in the "hip or flank area," Quinn said.
The disturbance broke out in an exercise yard for maximum-security inmates Wednesday morning, the state Department of Corrections said. No staff members were injured, and Quinn said order was restored within 10 minutes.
Guards found four inmate-made weapons in the yard after the riot, he said.
The facility opened in 1986 and now holds more than 2,600 prisoners, Quinn said.
It's next door to the Folsom State Prison made famous by singer Johnny Cash, and it was designated New Folsom Prison until 1992.