Young lives lost in Afghan attack

Updated 10:08 AM ET, Mon September 17, 2012
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Khorshid Hawa, 14, and her sister Parwana, 10, were among four children killed when a teenage suicide bomber blew himself up outside ISAF Headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan on September 8, 2012. Photo courtesy of Skateistan. Courtesy Skateistan
Just one week before her death, Parwana signed up as a member of Skateistan, a charity that teaches street children how to skateboard while also giving them an education. Courtesy: Skateistan
Nawab, 17, was also killed in the attack. A founding member of Skateistan, he eventually become a volunteer instructor, according to the charity's website. Courtesy: Skateistan
Mohammad Eeza (pictured on the left) was just 13 when he was killed. The Skateistan website says his teachers will remember him as an enthusiastic and keen young student. Courtesy: Skateistan
Naweed Tanha, 17 was badly injured in the blast and is recovering in hospital in Kabul. "I am so upset for losing my friends," Naweed told CNN. "What kind of people would do this? Why are they continuing to do this? It is ruining our country and our future. " Anna Coren/CNN
Naweed said he was collecting water when the bomb went off, and the force of the explosion sent him flying ten meters. Anna Coren/CNN
The site of the bomb explosion in an image taken by James Herzog, an American music teacher at the Afghanistan National Institute of Music. He used to hang out with Khorshid and her gang of skateboarding friends on the weekend. "She was strong and witty and full of edgy comebacks," he said. James Herzog
The bodies of his young friends had been taken away but pools of blood covered the footpath next to one of Khorshid's chalk drawings on the pavement. James Herzog