Sherrod forgives Breitbart after smear
04:19 - Source: CNN

She was smeared, taken out of context, forced out of her job.

Shirley Sherrod was attacked from all sides after the late Andrew Breitbart posted a video of her speaking at NAACP event in 2010. He only selected a portion of that speech, one that showed her in the worst possible light.

“The first time I was faced with having to help a white farmer save his farm I didn’t give him the full force of what I could do,” Sherrod says in the edited clip.

She lost her job at the U.S. Agriculture Department when that mis-edited video hit the internet. But Breitbart’s clip did not show what came next in her speech, which was:

“What I’ve come to realize that we have to work together. We have to overcome the divisions that we have. We have to get to the point where race exists, but it doesn’t matter.”

Now Shirley Sherrod is back in the public eye with a new book called “The Courage To Hope.” She explains to John Berman and Brooke Baldwin on “Starting Point” how she was able to find forgiveness.