New monkey unveiled to the world

Published 5:00 PM ET, Wed September 12, 2012
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The Lesula, or Cercopithecus lomamiensis, is the first new species of monkey found in 28 years. Maurice Emetshu
Georgette, the daughter of a local school director in Opala, DR Congo, with her pet Lesula -- the find that led biologists to identify the new species. John Hart
Initially scientists were not sure if the adult male Owl Face on the left and the Lesula on the right were the same species. Noel Rowe and Maurice Emetshu
The differences in the skulls of the Owl-Faced monkey (right) and the Lesula (left). The most easily observable differences illustrated by the skulls and the plot below are that the lesula has larger eyes, a narrower distance between the orbits, and a more flexed back of the cranium. Plos One
Georgette's monkey was well-known to local hunters but she lives in a part of DR Congo that is among the least biologically explored forests. John Hart
An illustration of the new Lesula monkey. Biologists have traditionally drawn new finds. Kimio Honda