India's mobile boom

Updated 11:21 AM ET, Wed September 19, 2012
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According to Indian telecom regulatory authority, there are 920 million mobile phone subscribers in the country. AFP/Getty Images
The global number of cell phones users surpassed six billion at the end of 2011, according to estimates by Wireless Inteligence and International Telecommunication Union. AFP/Getty Images
That makes India the world's second-largest cell phone user base, after China. Getty Images
Of the 920m Indians subscribing to a cell phone, as of June 2012, 6.8 per cent or 63 million of them claim to access the Internet from their cell phones. AFP/Getty Images
In 2010, mPowering handed 56 families in Juanga, India, a smartphone loaded with culturally customized mobile apps and location analytics (similar to Foursquare) built around the concept of rewards and incentives. Photo: Gabriel Gastelum. Courtesy of mPowering
Despite some of the villagers having never used a phone, they quickly learned how it worked. Pictured is a family who have participated in the program. Photo: Gabriel Gastelum. Courtesy of mPowering
Sharing one smartphone per family, the children earn points for attending school and mothers for attending preventative healthcare classes. Photo: Gabriel Gastelum. Courtesy of mPowering
The families then pool the points and redeem them for food, clothing and medicine each month. Photo: Gabriel Gastelum. Courtesy of mPowering
The mobile phone manufacturers around the world are cashing in on the Indian mobile boom - offering Indians everything from cheap basic phones to high-end smartphones. DESHAKALYAN CHOWDHURY/AFP/Getty Images