Photos: Instant of impact in Aleppo

Published 1:32 PM ET, Mon September 10, 2012
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Tracey Shelton, a senior correspondent for Global Post, was embedded with a group of rebel fighters in Aleppo, Syria, last week when they were hit by a unexpected attack. These seven images from the video she was shooting show the instant of the explosion. The images and Shelton's description of the events were originally published on Global Post. From left, Issa Aiash, 30, his younger brother Ahmed, 17, and Sheihk Mamoud, 42, laugh and joke as they clean their post Saturday, September 8. Tracey Shelton/Global Post
The men recieve a call that tanks are nearby. They trade their brooms for weapons. Tracey Shelton/Global Post
This frame shows the moment the tank blast hit. Tracey Shelton/Global Post
Shelton told Global Post that the blast filled the area with debris and smoke, and left her and her camera covered in dust. Tracey Shelton/Global Post
Only one member of the rebel team survived. Tracey Shelton/Global Post
The sole survivor checks his injuries. Tracey Shelton/Global Post
Shelton says it took several minutes for the dust to clear. They checked for other survivors but found none. Tracey Shelton/Global Post