'Advanced Style' Fashion Show

Published 12:05 PM ET, Mon September 10, 2012
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An impromptu parade of people in colorful designer vintage assembled for the "Advanced Style Fashion Show" on Sunday, September 9, outside the tents of New York Fashion Week at Lincoln Center. Its purpose: "To show that style, spirit and vitality aren't just for women in their 20s," said Ari Seth Cohen, creator of the "Advanced Style" blog, who organized the flash mob. emanuella grinberg/cnn
The impromptu display also drew the attention of security officers, who asked Cohen to stop the runway show because it was causing "a commotion." emanuella grinberg/cnn
Debra Rappoport said her vintage shoes came from a thrift shop. "Getting older doesn't mean you have to lose your sense of style," she said. "Style is timeless and it has nothing to do with trends or fashion." emanuella grinberg/cnn
Crowds gathered around the women to take pictures as they sauntered down a makeshift runway in the plaza. Inside the venue, Fashion Week attendees lined up for Diane Von Furstenberg's runway show. emanuella grinberg/cnn
Fashion Week attendees and passers-by look on as the impromptu runway show unfolds at Lincoln Center. emanuella grinberg/cnn
Jean (pictured) runs a blog called the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas, along with her friend Valerie, that documents their adventures in style. "We wanted to show everyone here for the shows that you don't have to be 22 to be stylish," Valerie said. "When it's just Jean and I we're two eccentrics. But when you have a crowd there's a critical mass and it becomes a statement." emanuella grinberg/cnn