Chef: We are entering a 'new era of cooking and dining'



    'Hip' places to dine off the grid


'Hip' places to dine off the grid 02:28

Editor's note: Louis DiBiccari calls himself the "mastermind of underground dinner parties." On his website, foodies vote for dinner themes and ingredients, then DiBiccari and team rush to plan a four-course meal in the span of a day.

By Louis DiBiccari, Special to CNN
What does it mean to be a chef? We can get restaurant jobs. We can work in any city we want. We have the talent to cook anywhere. But there’s more to it than that. We learned our trade in the confines of a tough business that weeds out the weak and embraces those who are truly dedicated to the industry. We don’t just cook. We need to create new and interesting experiences for the people who love our food. We need to push the envelope. We are pioneers exploring the Wild West of the culinary landscape. We are artists, and our canvas is a round, white plate, 10 inches in diameter. Because of this, dining experiences are evolving way beyond brick-and-mortar restaurants. Our attitude is simple. Cook your ass off ... that’s it. Wherever, whenever and for whomever.
We believe in food trucks. We believe in secret underground supper clubs. We believe in serving restaurant food in non-traditional places. We put on a show as we cook. We are inspired by ingredients, the harvest, and seasons. We are dedicated to those who work side by side with us and embrace our vision. We believe contributing to the culture of our cities. We believe in community, helping each other out, and building each other up. We cook with our souls regardless of where we are cooking because we cook to live and live to cook. Most of all, we are hungry to feed you.
    As with any artistic endeavor, we need people to take in what we’ve created. Our guests are hungry for more than a white-linen, three-course dinner. They want to explore the culinary boundaries with us. They seek us out and spread the word -- not on OpenTable or Zagat, but through word of mouth and social media. We are grateful for these people who crave creative culinary experiences, because without them we would have no way to express our need to cook outside of the box.
    Nothing satisfies us more than to create opportunities for you, our guest, to escape and be entertained. Bring your friends. Bring your family. This is why we do what we do. We are excited to meet you in our restaurants, and now, in our food trucks, at our secret underground supper clubs and at Chef Louie Night. Like true artists, our need to create something new and exciting can’t be contained. Our passion for pushing the culinary envelope is as insatiable as our guests’ appetites. This is only the beginning of a brand new era of cooking and dining.