The driest season: Global drought causes major worries

Story highlights

  • Ukraine to Yellowstone, in Pakistan and Kazakhstan, the earth is parched
  • Drought in the Black Sea region has led to decrease in wheat, raised export prices
  • Late monsoon season in India and Pakistan has put plants at risk
Hurricane Isaac may have inundated the parishes of Louisiana, but for thousands of American farmers, it was a blessing, a reprieve from the most torrid summer on record.
In much of North America, July was the hottest month since such a record was first taken. Crop yields have fallen sharply; thousands of livestock have been lost.
The Midwest has suffered its worst drought in 56 years, and the International Grains Council has cut its forecast for the U.S. maize harvest by 25 million tons.
The relief from last week's rain may help planting conditions for winter wheat, but it's come too late to make much difference to summer cr