5 OMG moments at the DNC

"Brass" became a popular topic on Twitter after President Bill Clinton used it during his speech Wednesday night.

Story highlights

  • Confusion turned to chaos early as Democrats updated the party platform
  • A night that started with boredom ended with a "brass" bang
  • Social media mostly embraced Clinton's speech, but Michelle Obama still a Twitter favorite
Anyone can turn on a TV, scan a newsfeed or fire up a laptop to get a sense of the important topics being discussed at the Democratic National Convention. This article is not about those important topics.
This is for those other moments -- the ones that make us SMH or LOL or unfollow certain people on Twitter. These are the moments that prompt us to show our phones to the person next to us, eyes wide with disbelief and mischief. It's not news.
1. I'm confused
Wednesday night kicked off with noisy confusion when Democrats voted to update their party platform. CNN reporters Kevin Liptak and Ashley Killough covered the chaos.
"In a rare display of just how quickly a tightly scripted national political convention can unwind, Democrats on Wednesday struggled to complete a voice vote amending their party platform to include language referring to Jerusalem and God.It took three attempts from Democratic National Convention Chairman Antonio Villaraigosa before the platform was amended and a loud chorus of delegates yelling "no" met each attempt to pass the changes by voice vote."
Reddit user faderprime posted, "Whether you agree or disagree with the position, that was some bulls**t procedure."
A voice vote to change the DNC party platform turned to chaos Wednesday night
"It was incredibly desperate looking," Gobrin98 wrote.
2. Early on, everyone was bored -- even those watching football in hopes of avoiding boredom.
In stark contrast to Tuesday night, when nearly every speaker dazzled Twitter, Wednesday's speeches got off to a slow start.
"Man what a dreary night of convention-watching," tweeted @JeffreyGoldberg.
"It's a good thing we all have Costco stories to tell right now, because THE Coscto story is boring. #dnc2012" wrote @erincscafe.
"Yeah, boring speech "@emileDC: America needs to be a nation thatzzzzzzzzzzzz... #DNC2012" tweeted @DistrictOfAris.
The boredom turned up on Facebook as well.
Earl Pingel posted, "The football game sucks tonight. Come on, it is 7-3 in the third quarter? Boring!! Change the channel to the Democratic National Convention. Bill Clinton is on deck. Even Cowboy fans will agree, he is more exciting than Romo right now:) You can catch the 4th quarter after he is done."
Michael Reese Ritt summed it up with, "The democratic convention is boring."
3. Then Bubba took the stage
And America discovered Bill Clinton is still a good speaker -- even when his teleprompter fails. Reminders of Clinton's impeachment had little effect in dampening the enthusiasm. His speech garnered more tweets per minute than any other speaker at either convention except Michelle Obama.
As CNN's John King said, "Love him or not, he's a unique character."
@MeredithShiner posted a photo of one blank teleprompter where the text of Clinton's speech allegedly should have been. "So you can see what I'm seeing: The oft lonely Bill Clinton teleprompter. #DNC2012" she tweeted @meredithshiner.
"PRES CLINTON IS KILLING IT!" wrote @octaviaspencer.
Clinton received several standing ovations during his long and powerful speech.
@BorowitzReport tweeted, "Clinton: 'Now I'd like to read the phone book in its entirety.' (standing ovation)."
"Bill Clinton should be the Secretary of Explaining Things," @bengreenman posted.
Facebook perked up as well.
Manuel Pesina posted, "Bill Clinton you are still the man sir!!! I just wanna hangout with you and play the saxophone."
Relling Ann wrote, "Bill Clinton: damn he's good."
4. Finish this sentence
When Bill Clinton says about Paul Ryan, "It takes some brass to attack a guy for doing what you did," brass = ____.
"It takes some brass," Clinton quipped during his speech Wednesday night
5. We have a winner
While many of the speeches have been geared toward young women, it was still an unexpected pleasure to find one who not only said she was watching, but was paying close attention. E'aren Shelby posted on Facebook, "When I first started watching all this presidential convention stuff I was like BORING....But as I watched and heard what these people had to say about Barack Obama( Good Things) and see who is all behind him, I mean white and black....It really warmed my heart. I might not be old enough to vote but if i was he would surly have my vote....LMS IF YOU AGREE:"