'Pretty Little Liars' fashion

Updated 8:30 AM ET, Wed September 5, 2012
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"(Here) you have Aria's (from left) vintage rock-and-roll ... Hanna's high-end glam with her famous pops of color, you have the softness of Spencer ... and my sexy, tough and modern Emily," costume designer Mandi Line said. "Aria is my fantasy doll, Hanna is my high school me, Spencer is who I learn from the most, and Emily comes the most natural to me." ABC Family
"I'm obsessed with stripes, and Aria lets me get out my obsession through her clothing," Line said. "That dress was ... to the floor and long-sleeve. I knew it had potential, so I chopped away." ABC Family
"All of the young shows have done a masquerade ball, and we had to stand out," Line said. That's why she and her team designed Aria's (from right) red dress, making the fabric themselves to get it just right. Hanna's dress was made from pieces of five dresses. Line added a custom corset into Emily's teal gown, and Spencer wore a mustard Free People dress. "We needed four of Spencer's dress, since she fights with Mona on a cliff." ABC Family
"I had just started the show, and I wanted every outfit to have my signature on it," Line said. Because Aria's outfit seemed "too tame," Line said, she took this feather earring out of her ear and put it right into Aria's. ABC Family
Line said she modified Aria's metallic blue leather skirt from Topshop by adding more pleats and shortening it. ABC Family
Byron was supposed to disapprove of his daughter's outfit in this scene, Line said, adding, "All (Aria) does is wear outfits any dad would question, so what would make Byron think twice now? ... We had to make it more revealing and shorter and (add) a gothic necklace." ABC Family