VIP comfort among the clouds

Updated 5:43 AM ET, Fri September 7, 2012
changing aeroloftchanging aeroloft
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The luxurious upper deck cabin area of Boeing's latest luxury offering, the Aeroloft, comes complete with a changing area to get comfortable before a well-deserved rest. Courtesy Boeing
The Aeroloft sleeping area fitted on VIP BBJ 747-8 aircraft was installed by Boeing Global Transport & Executive Systems (GTES) in Kansas. Courtesy Boeing
The Aeroloft-fitted BBJ aircrafts will have an additional 36.5 meters of cabin space. Courtesy Boeing
Private suites will provide space for a world leader take a quick nap in between state affairs. Courtesy Boeing
Boeing says the modified cabin area will mainly be used by support staff or accompanying passengers of the primary customer. Courtesy Boeing
Artistic rendering of how the Aeroloft cabin fits into the top deck of a Boeing BBJ 747-8. Courtesy Greenpoint Technologies
BBJ President, captain Steve Taylor and BBJ chief pilot, captain Rene Gonzalez in the cockpit. Courtesy Boeing
The first Boeing BBJ with fitted Aeroloft cabin departs Wichita, KS as it heads to Hamburg, Germany for more luxury fittings. Courtesy Boeing