Photos: Afghanistan's volatile Kandahar province

Published 5:05 PM ET, Mon September 3, 2012
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Asadullah Khalid, Afghanistan's minister of tribal and border affairs, has come under scrutiny for alleged human rights abuses. The allegations stem from his time as governor of the rough Kandahar province. EPA/Landov
Afghans observe the scene of a recent car bombing in Kandahar. The police chief, Gen. Abdul Raziq, was among 16 people injured in the attack on August 28. Four people were killed. Photo courtesy Atif B.
A man visits a Taliban cemetery in the Arghandab district outside Kandahar city. The Taliban fighters who get killed in attacks are usually brought here by the International Committee of the Red Cross. Photo courtesy Atif B.
Shaidano Chowk, or Martyrs' Circle, sits at the center of Kandahar. Photo courtesy Atif B.
A mosque outside of Kandahar city. Photo courtesy Atif B.
A general view of one the busiest bazaars of Kandahar. Photo courtesy Atif B.