Protecting the Pacific Ocean

Updated 2:20 AM ET, Mon September 3, 2012
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16 tiny island nations in the Pacific Ocean met last week to discuss protecting 10% of the world's seas. Getty Images
A lagoon viewed from a mountain top in New Caledonia. The Pacific island state announced last month that it will creat a 1.4 million kilometer marine conservation zone. The Cook Islands have created a marine park the size of Egypt. courtesy conservation international
The newly created marine protected area encompasses New Caledonia's 1.5 million hectare UNESCO World Heritage site. courtesy conservation international
The Pacific Oceanscape is an ambitious intitiative to preserve and sustainably manage an area covering 10% of the world's oceans. courtesy conservation international
The Pacific Oceanscape was set up in 2009 at the Pacific Island Forum in 2009 attended by 15 Pacific region governments. courtesy conservation international
Rising sea levels threaten the very existence of the tiny island nation, located halfway between Australia and Hawaii. In 2006 Kiribati's president Anote Tong created a no-fishing, protected area the size of California. courtesy conservation international
Coral reefs across the Pacific region are under threat from warming oceans, acidification and the aquarium trade. A Worldfish Center inititative in the Solomon Islands uses local techniques to farm coral for the international trade. courtesy conservation international
August 2012: The Pacific Islands Forum in the Cook Islands was attended by member countries discussing themes of sustainable economic development and conservation. courtesy conseravtion international