The 2012 Dragon*Con parade

Updated 4:34 PM ET, Mon September 3, 2012
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Dragon*Con held its annual parade Saturday, September 1, in Atlanta. Starting at 10 a.m., nearly every character known to nerdkind marched down Peachtree Street as crowds looked on, packing sidewalks on both sides of the street for more than a mile. Ken Uzquiano/CNN
Doc, is this 2012 or just Dragon*Con? Courtesy Kun Taing
Cardboard box Wonder Woman really packs a punch! Courtesy Kun Taing
Cthulhu puts his best professional face forward during the parade. Courtesy
The Incredibles join the Disney track in the Dragon*Con parade. Courtesy Kun Taing
Frequent Dragon*Con visitor, Lou Ferrigno, brings the gun show to the parade. Eat your heart out, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Courtesy Kun Taing
"Doctor Who" fans watching the parade made sure not to turn away when the Weeping Angels walked by. Courtesy Kun Taing
Dragon*Con parade walkers ain't 'fraid of no ghosts. Especially not Slimer. Courtesy Kun Taing
Dragon*Con brings Atlanta a little bit of "Thriller" on a Saturday morning. Courtesy Kun Taing
A sword dancer wows the crowds at the Dragon*Con parade.
Famed comic book creator Stan Lee (flanked by "Avengers Assemble" creators Chris and Miracole Burns) was the grand marshal of the 2012 Dragon*Con parade. Ken Uzquiano/CNN
Looks like Batman's shark repellant has worn off. Ken Uzquiano/CNN
Elven archers bring "Lord of the Rings" to life. Ken Uzquiano/CNN
"Star Trek" enthusiasts show their love for all iterations of the show. Ken Uzquiano/CNN
A gigantic monster led the Netherworld parade float. Netherworld is Atlanta's most successful Halloween attraction. Ken Uzquiano/CNN
Steampunks roll down Peachtree Street during the Dragon*Con parade. Ken Uzquiano/CNN
Vash the Stampede and friends represent anime fans at Dragon*Con. Ken Uzquiano/CNN
Go Speed Racer, go! Ken Uzquiano/CNN
This year, a zombie, in fact," A. Zombie," is launching a presidential campaign at Dragon*Con. Ken Uzquiano/CNN
The elements of the Periodic Table are a perennial hit with science fans at Dragon*Con. Ken Uzquiano/CNN
Members of the 501st represent Stormtrooper culture at the Dragon*Con parade. Ken Uzquiano/CNN
A magnificent Puss in Boots takes part in the Disney track section of the Dragon*Con parade. Ken Uzquiano/CNN