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President Obama has racked up nearly $6 trillion in debt in his first term, pushing the national debt up to nearly $16 trillion. Republicans say that’s unforgiveable – but they won’t tell you how they helped run up the clock.

Plus -- President Obama is attacking Mitt Romney for comments he made about class size but Mitt Romney’s comments sound remarkably like something President Obama’s own education secretary said two years ago. Christine asks Arne Duncan whether he stands by what he said.
Then -- the U.S. is the world’s biggest economy and the leading superpower but it won’t stay that way if the quality of a child’s education depends on his or her zip code. Arne Duncan tells Christine Romans how he plans to reform America’s schools.
Finally -- Mitt Romney’s education plan focuses on school choice; that means handing out vouchers so families can choose where their children go to school. But only around 10% of students get their education from private schools. Christine asks President Reagan's education secretary what a Romney presidency would mean for America's public schools.
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