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Since the commercial fishing has been banned in Caspian sea, a new player emerged. Kibbutz Dan in Northern Israel is cashing in on the soaring global caviar prices.

Story highlights

  • Iran is hosting a summit of the Non-Aligned Movement -- and Western sanctions are on the top of the agenda
  • MME takes a look at the impact of sanctions and the trade between the non-alignment countries
  • Across the region, MME visits a a new player in caviar production in Israel
IN FOCUS: Iran's economy
Iran hosts a group of 120 developing countries this week, bringing together nations of the Non-Aligned Movement. The movement was set up in 1961 as a counter-weight to the dominating Cold War powers. Iran currently holds the three-year presidency, and at the top of the agenda are the Western sanctions imposed on Iran. This week MME takes a look at the impact of sanctions on the country and whether nations that pride themselves on non-alignment, able to trade among themselves.
IN FOCUS: Kibbutz caviar
Iran, Azerbaijan and Russia may be the global leaders in caviar production, but sturgeon populations in the Caspian Sea have been dropping and commercial fishing has been banned. Now a new player is emerging. Kibbutz Dan in Northern Israel is raising around 70,000 of the fish, with each producing thousands of dollars worth of caviar. This week MME visits the production line.