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Updated 1:13 PM ET, Thu September 6, 2012
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Jumping for joy on her first day of fourth grade, Tammy Harrow says her daughter Jordan was dressed in her uniform an hour before she had to get up. Courtesy Tammy Harrow
Mario's mom was proud to see him in his uniform and ready for the first day of kindergarten in Tangerang, Indonesia. "He was in a bit bad mood at first because I think he was still sleepy, but by the time he arrived at school, he was happy to see his friends." Courtesy Wulan Kusumawardhani
Logan started kindergarten this year in Northglenn, Colorado, and there was no way he was leaving "blue blankie" behind, his mom said. Big sister Madison was especially excited to start fourth grade. She has a blankie too but left it in the car. Courtesy Meredith Leighty
Mom Bobbie Wilson said her 3-year-old twins were in great moods all morning, "talking about what they would see, what they would do, and how much fun they would have." They live Colorado Springs, Colorado. Courtesy Bobbie Wilson
Four-year-old Adam was very excited to start pre-kindergarten in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, but he thought he was starting first grade. Apparently his sister has told him he's smart enough to skip pre-kindergarten and kindergarten, and he believes her. Courtesy Synthia Hoang
Of course, everyone was not thrilled to be starting school. Carly Rose, age 6, was upset about having a new teacher for first grade in Hollywood, Florida because she loved her kindergarten teacher so much. She also wanted to go back to sleep. Courtesy Tara Hayle
Benjamin Miller says his boys Derek (left) and Zach had a wonderful first day of school in Riverbank, California, despite their pained expressions captured in this priceless photograph. Courtesy Benjamin Miller
In Binbrook, Ontario, Canada, Madison and Emma were nervous about their first day of school so dad Chris Chehowski mustered up enthusiasm for everyone. "At the end of the day, I picked up my daughters and it turned out that they were anxious for no reason! Both came home excited about their class, their teacher and what they did that day -- They had worked themselves up for nothing!" Chris Chehowski
The brand new school year for the Hamm family was twice as sweet, with two children each in elementary, middle and high school. Picking out their first day of school outfits two weeks in advance, the six children were paired together as they set off for their schools in Brunswick, Georgia. Courtesy Aliece Hamm
Big brother Tradd and little sister Lila flashed a smile for the camera before they headed off to their first day of third and first grade in Columbia, South Carolina. Courtesy Paul Gillam
It's the first day of high school for freshman Cassandra (left) and senior Samantha's last first day. Their proud mother says the sisters wear uniforms to school, "but will go as close to the edge of the rules as they can by adding what they can, but still staying within the boundaries." Courtesy Jennifer Izaguirre
Teri Blackmore's children kicked off their first day of school in a very unique way with Buddhist monks at St. Louis Homeschool Network in Missouri. "It's experiences like this that keep us loving homeschooling!" she said. Courtesy Teri Blackmore
Geared up and ready for his first big day of kindergarten at St. John's Catholic School in Huntsville, Alabama, 5-year-old Brian Millin stops for a quick photo for mom. "He was very excited to start 'big boy' school," she said. Courtesy Rae Millin
In Vero Beach, Florida, Cynthia Falardeau says her 9-year-old son Wyatt grew so much over the summer that he tried on three shirts before he found one that fit. "It was pure joy to see his excitement and confidence while boarding that school bus!" she said. Courtesy Cynthia Falardeau
Four-year-old twins Ashlyn and Kaylin picked matching outfits for their first day of pre-kindergarten in Arnaudvill, Louisiana. "They were so excited to be going to school!" their mom Lacey Moran told CNN. "They had a very good first day at school and they are still loving it today." Courtesy Lacey Moran
Bobbi Waters took this cute photo of her daugher Ayla in here colorful dress before heading off to her first year at Mt. View Elementary in Soldotna, Alaska. "She was very excited!" said Waters. Courtesy Bobbi Waters
Four-year-old Madison strikes a pose for mom Kari Armendariz before heading off to her first day of pre-kingergarten in Larose, Louisiana. "Madison was very excited to go to school and even pushed me out of the room saying, 'I got this Mom.' She made it so easy not to get too emotional," Armendariz said. Courtesy Kari Armendariz
Five-year-old Aine was bursting with excitement about her first day of kindergarten in Kennesaw, Georgia. Her mother Jennifer Turpin says her daughter wanted to wear a dress so she could be fancy "like a princess." Courtesy Jennifer Turpin
Isaac, a new 5th grader in Hughesville Maryland was less than thrilled to be catching the bus at 6:15 a.m. on the first day of school. "It is always hard to have the kids go back to school. The summer is never long enough," his grandmother told CNN. Courtesy Janie Lambert
Kayligayle poses with her fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Wiggins, on her terrific first day of school in Deatsville, Alabama. "She talked about her day all the way home with great energy and excitment," her mom Kelli White told CNN. Courtesy Kelli White