The prosecutor's report confirmed Lindsay Lohan and her assistant, Gavin Doyle were suspects, along with another man identified as Andrew Payan.

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Cash, house keys, sunglasses and a credit card holder were missing, the report says

The alleged victim "had a longstanding relationship" with Lohan, the prosecutor says

"Lindsay is glad this matter has been cleared up," her publicist says

She remains on probation for a shoplifting conviction from last year

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Investigators targeted Lindsay Lohan and her assistant as suspects in a Hollywood burglary, but the district attorney decided Tuesday there was not enough evidence to prosecute them.

“Lindsay is glad this matter has been cleared up so she can focus on her upcoming projects,” her publicist said in a statement sent to CNN soon after the district attorney’s office released a summary of the investigation. “It is unfortunate that many media outlets were quick to point fingers and jump to conclusions without having all the facts.”

Celebrity news website TMZ previously quoted an unidentified law enforcement source saying Lohan and her assistant, Gavin Doyle, were suspects in the burglary.

The prosecutor’s report confirmed the actress and Doyle were suspects, along with another man identified as Andrew Payan.

The people burglarized are Sam Magid, a wealthy investor who the investigation report said “had a longstanding relationship” with Lohan, and a woman who was staying in his Hollywood Hills home.

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Missing from the home and the woman’s car were cash, house keys, sunglasses and a credit card holder, the report released by the Los Angeles County District Attorney said.

Lohan had been denied entry into the home at 2:45 a.m. on Saturday, August 18, according to a security guard, the report said. “What, is he in there f–king some other girl!?” the guard quoted the actress as saying.

Magid called for police five hours later when he saw a suspicious man, who the report said resembled Doyle, outside the home. He and his female friend declined to prosecute after Lohan was identified as a suspect, the report said.

The detective on the case saw Lohan’s car parked at Magid’s home three days later, it said. He stopped the car as she was leaving and found Lohan in a BMW with Doyle, Payan and a juvenile.

Doyle acknowledged to the detective that he, Lohan and Payan had been at Magid’s house twice in the early morning of the day the items were reported missing.

Doyle said “he ate some meatballs and drank some vodka, but did not take anything at the residence,” the report said. Doyle “said one of them did take property” but he “would not reveal who took the property at the residence,” it said.

This was not enough to persuade the district attorney’s office to prosecute the case.

“One of the suspects makes a vague admission that he and the others were there, and that ‘someone’ took something but is not more specific than that,” the report said.

The victims “indicated that they are not willing to prosecute anyone for this burglary” and there was not “sufficient evidence to prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt.”

The story becomes another chapter in more than six years of brushes with the law for Lohan, who is attempting a career comeback after stints in rehab, jail and home confinement. She remains on probation for a shoplifting conviction last year.

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CNN’s Jack Hannah contributed to this report.