Photos: Isaac's trail of destruction

Updated 10:33 PM ET, Tue September 11, 2012
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Melanie and Philip Martinez Sr. have dinner in daughter Kala's one-bedroom apartment on Saturday, September 8, in Chalmette, Louisiana. Melanie, along with her husband and mother, are staying in Kala's apartment after their home in Braithwaite flooded during Hurricane Isaac. It was the fifth home Martinez has lost to hurricanes in Louisiana. Getty Images
Melanie Martinez, center, waits in line to apply for disaster food assistance in Mereaux, Louisiana. Getty Images
On Friday, September 7, Gina Hunter walks past the front porch of her home, which washed onto a levee in Plaquemines Parish in Braithwaite, Louisiana. "I never expected to have the levee as my backyard," Hunter says. Louisiana officials estimate at least 13,000 homes were damaged by Hurricane Isaac. Getty Images
Mud coats the kitchen of the flooded Mary Plantation House, the oldest structure in Louisiana's Plaquemines Parish, on Thursday, September 6. At least 13,000 homes were damaged throughout Louisiana after Hurricane Isaac came ashore last week, a state official estimates. Getty Images
Marie Hauser picks up her mail outside her flooded house Thursday in LaPlace, Louisiana. Getty Images
Blake Miller, right, and Mike Atkins check out the grounds of the Mary Plantation House on Thursday. Getty Images
Floodwaters linger Thursday in Braithwaite, Louisiana. Getty Images
Worker Holly Rochelle sorts a resident's laundry, washed for free at the Tide Loads of Hope mobile laundromat set up for those affected by Isaac, on Thursday in LaPlace. Getty Images
A paper hand fan sits caked in mud from flooding at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Plaquemines Parish on Wednesday, September 5. Getty Images
An insurance inspector tours the damaged Bethlehem Baptist Church on Tuesday. Getty Images
Richard Williams of the Braithwaite neighborhood in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, trudges through a debris field pulling a boat filled with things from his flooded home on Wednesday. Hurricane Isaac inundated his two-story home. Times-Picayune /Landov
Fred Leslie is helped into a boat by Jesse Shaffer after he and his half-brother made their way to the house to retrieve items on Wednesday. The Braithwaite neighborhood is still under four feet of water eight days after Hurricane Isaac hit. Times-Picayune /Landov
Ruth Bernard feeds ice to Micah Faciane to stay cool as they wait in line to apply for disaster food assistance on Wednesday in Westwego, Louisiana. Hundreds affected by Hurricane Isaac waited hours in the heat to apply for the Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Getty Images
Residents wait in line to apply for disaster food assistance on Wednesday in Westwego, Louisiana. Getty Images
Louis Lipps tries to salvage belongings near his house on Lake Pontchartrain in LaPlace, Louisiana, on Tuesday, September 4. Many residents returning to their homes in southern Louisiana after Hurricane Isaac will find little comfort. Authorities have blamed eight U.S. deaths on Isaac, six of them in Louisiana, after it made landfall last week as a Category 1 hurricane. Times-Picayune/Landov
Royal Ann Moll stands in the doorway of her home in Jean Lafitte, Louisiana, as friend Tilden Perez Jr. tries to spray away mud from the front yard Tuesday. Perez and his wife rode out the storm in Moll's house, which took on about 11 inches of water. Times-Picayune/Landov
Joe Chianelli Jr. retrieves a gas tank Tuesday that washed onto a levee in Plaquemines Parish in Braithwaite, Louisiana, during the storm. Getty Images
Utility crews work to restore electricity Tuesday in Harvey, Louisiana. Getty Images
Returning residents wait in line Tuesday for a ferry in Plaquemines Parish. Getty Images
A wounded horse recovers Tuesday in Poydras, Louisiana, after being rescued when it got stuck in mud from storm flooding. Getty Images
A home washed away from its foundation sits on a roadside Tuesday in Braithwaite in Plaquemines Parish. Getty Images
Melanie Martinez holds the family cat, now renamed Isaac, after salvaging items from her family's flooded home in Braithwaite on Monday, September 3. Martinez, along with her husband and her mother, was forced to ride out the storm in their Plaquemines Parish home when their car broke down. Getty Images
Melanie Martinez walks through the front yard Monday as family members salvage items from their flooded home in Braithwaite, Louisiana. Getty Images
Melanie Martinez, left, and family members salvage items from their flooded home Monday. Getty Images
A coffin lies on the side of a levee Monday in Braithwaite, Louisiana, washed up by floodwaters from Hurricane Isaac. Getty Images
Eric DeSalvo salvages a gun Monday from the flooded Martinez home in Braithwaite, Louisiana. Getty Images
Melanie Martinez, center, and Kala Martinez salvage items from their flooded home on Monday. Getty Images
Workers repair the roof of a home as downed power lines caused by Hurricane Isaac lean onto a tree in lower Plaquemines Parish on Sunday, September 2. Getty Images
A Paradise Lane street sign is partially submerged in Isaac's floodwaters in Braithwaite, Louisiana, on Saturday, September 1. Getty Images
A damaged structure rests atop a partially submerged truck in Braithwaite, Louisiana. Getty Images
Russell Wilson, center, helps to move a water-damaged Drew Brees jersey from his daughter's home in Braithwaite. Times-Picayune/Landov
Plaquemines Parish resident Angela Serpas reacts after seeing her flooded home for the first time following Hurricane Isaac, as her daughter Lainy takes pictures, in Braithwaite, Louisiana, on Saturday, September 1. Reuters/Landov
The Walker family leaves their home after an abandoned house next door collapsed onto theirs during Tropical Storm Isaac on Friday, August 31. The Red Cross was assisting the family in finding a place to stay.
Cattle are stuck in a mixture of mud and debris washed in by Isaac's storm surge. Officials are attempting to conduct a roundup in Plaquemines to save about 200 cattle stranded by the storm. Getty Images
Local residents serve up chicken etouffee and rice delivered by the Louisiana National Guard at JJ's Bar in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans. The military gave out the food to residents of the area, which was still without electricity three days after Hurricane Isaac knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of people. Getty Images
Local residents drink by candlelight at JJ's bar during the continued blackout. Getty Images
Oil containers and railroad cars sit in Isaac's flood waters in Braithwaite, Louisiana. Getty Images
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney talks with a man on the side of the road while on an unscheduled tour of a neighorhood damaged by Isaac on Friday, August 31, in Lafitte, Louisiana. Getty Images
A family carries bags of ice and boxes of food from an aid distribution center for victims of Isaac in New Orleans. The center was one of three in the city operated by the military, offering handouts to residents, many of whom still have no electricity due to the storm. Getty Images
Residents look out from their residence surrounded by water as the motorcade of Romney passes during a tour of damage from Isaac in Lafitte. Reuters/Landov
Flood waters from Tropical Storm Isaac swamp homes in Braithwaite, Louisiana, on Friday, August 31, 2012. Reuters/Landov
Vivian Lane, 5, helps her mother, Ashley Lane, make rice and gravy on their porch after Hurricane Isaac knocked out their power in Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi, Friday. Reuters/Landov
Tombstones washed from their resting place by flood waters from a levee breach in Braithwaite, Louisiana, on Friday. Reuters/Landov
The ship Arosa Basel sits grounded on the east bank of the Mississippi River in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, Friday. Reuters/Landov
Dead nutria lie on the shore near Waveland, Mississippi, on Friday. Reuters/Landov
A truck, partially submerged by a levee breach, gives off a sheen of oil and fuel in Braithwaite, Louisiana, on Friday. Reuters/Landov
Members of the Louisiana Army National Guard and Louisiana Air National Guard distribute water, MREs and ice at Skelly-Rupp Stadium in New Orleans on Friday. Landov
Jewel Rico and her dog Chico are rescued from flood waters from Isaac on Thursday, August 30, in Reserve, Louisiana. Getty Images
Darrell Hill, 11, feeds his sister Floy Dillon, 2, at a flood shelter set up in a high school gym. Getty Images
People get off a Slidell Police Department SWAT vehicle after being rescued from flooding from Isaac's storm surge on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain. Getty Images
Residents sit on a bus Thursday after evacuating Laplace, Louisiana. Getty Images
A heavy band of storms hovers ominously over New Orleans in the aftermath of Isaac on Thursday. Times-Picayune/Landov
Two men paddle a boat with street signs in flood waters from Hurricane Isaac in Reserve, Louisiana. Getty Images
Subdivisions in LaPlace, west of U.S. 51 and south of Interstate-10 are covered in floodwaters in the aftermath of Isaac. Times-Picayune/Landov
The Lake Borgne Basin Levee District and other government agencies intentionally breached the Caernarvon Diversion to help drain flood waters in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. SE Flood Protection Authority
A woman is stranded with her truck in floodwaters from Isaac on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain on Thursday in Slidell, Louisiana. Getty Images
Brittany Trumbaturi, right, prepares to leave her flooded home with family member Joshua Barbot, center, who came to rescue family members in a boat. Officials warned of continued threats from storm surges and flooding as Isaac moved inland. Getty Images
Jamaal Nelson carries his son, Jon-Wesley, 6, on his back and his 4-month-old baby daughter, Jalashia, while being evacuated from their flooded neighborhood in Slidell. AFP/Getty Images
Residents stand in front of their home as flooded streets engulf their neighborhood in Slidell. AFP/Getty Images
Elderly residents evacuate to a shelter in Slidell AFP/Getty Images
A resident evacuates an area flooded by Hurricane Isaac's storm surge on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain. Getty Images
Residents evacuate their flooded neighborhood. AFP/Getty Images
A man drives an off-road vehicle through flooded streets in Slidell. AFP/Getty Images
Residents carry pillows, blankets and fuel containers past a flood berm while evacuating an area of rising floodwaters on Thursday in Slidell. Getty Images
An elderly resident is rescued from her home in Slidell. Times-Picayune/Landov
Residents run down a road in Slidell clutching their belongings as they evacuate an area of rising floodwaters from Isaac's rains. Getty Images
Rescue workers transport residents trapped by rising water from Isaac in Laplace, Louisiana, on Wednesday. Getty Images
Water surrounds a home on the Jourdan River in Kiln, Mississippi, as Isaac moves through the area. Reuters/Landov
Residents are rescued Wednesday in Laplace, about 25 miles northwest of New Orleans, where the storm surge was unusually bad. Getty Images
Henry Cox talks with stranded residents in Laplace. Getty Images
Errol Ragas walks past a cemetery to recover dry blankets from his home as rising waters flood in Oakville, Louisiana. Plaquemines Parish, south of New Orleans, was the area most heavily damaged by the hurricane. Getty Images
Storm-weary residents take refuge at a high school gymnasium in Belle Chasse, a low-lying area outside of New Orleans. Getty Images
St. John Parish Sherriff officials rescue local residents from the flood waters in Laplace. Getty Images
Lisa, Christopher and Leroy Smith sit in a boat after being pulled from the flood waters. Getty Images
A stop sign stands askew in New Orleans after being blown by Isaac. Getty Images
People gather at a bar in the French Quarter during ongoing rain from Isaac. The area appeared largely unscathed by the storm. Getty Images
A house in New Orleans collapsed during the height of Hurricane Isaac, destroying three vehicles parked alongside it Wednesday. Times-Picayune/Landov
Waves from Hurricane Isaac pummel Ken Combs Pier in Gulfport, Mississippi. Biloxi Sun Herald/ MCT /LANDOV
A street sign turned upside down, likely the result of bricks falling overnight from a building along the deserted streets of New Orleans. Getty Images
A car sits submerged in Laplace, Louisiana. Getty Images
People gather beneath an awning for an impromptu cookout at a bar that lost electricity during Hurricane Isaac in New Orleans. Getty Images
Emergency crews and residents rescue a dog during Hurricane Isaac on Highway 39 separating Plaquemines and St. Bernard parishes on Wednesday, August 29, in Louisiana. Landov
First responders carry people across the top of the levee from Plaquemines Parish to St. Bernard Parish. Landov
Mark Savoie cleans Espanade Avenue in New Orleans of tree debris to help the area near Burgundy drain as Isaac slowly moves inland. Landov
A worker in the driving rain tries to clear fallen limbs in the riverbound lanes of Espanade Avenue near McDonogh High School in New Orleans. Landov
Winds from Isaac knocked down tree branches in Kenner, Louisiana. Landov
A child and an adult share a folding bed as storm-weary residents take refuge at a high school gymnasium in Belle Chasse, in low-lying Plaquemines Parish, outside of New Orleans. AFP/Getty Images
A tree toppled by Isaac stretches across the roof of a food stand in Arabi, Louisiana. Getty Images
A tree blown over from Hurricane Isaac lies atop a cemetery tomb in Plaquemines Parish. Getty Images
A street sign lies near floodwaters fromIsaac on Wednesday, in Braithwaite, Louisiana. Dozens were reportedly rescued in the area after levees were overtopped by floodwaters from Hurricane Isaac. Getty Images
A rescue boat passes a partially submerged stop sign. Getty Images
A car drives down Canal Street on Wednesday. The storm is slowly moving across southeast Louisiana, dumping large amounts of rain and knocking out power in scattered parts of the state. Getty Images
A traffic light continues to glow after being downed by Isaac's winds. Getty Images
A fallen tree blocks a road in New Orleans as Isaac batters the city and surrounding region, flooding homes and driving stormy waters over the top of at least one levee. AFP/Getty Images
Dozens were reportedly rescued in Plaquemines Parish after levees were overtopped by floodwaters. Getty Images
John Stone of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, and his dog are led out of the water by a member of the Swift Water Rescue Team after being rescued from his flooded house. Biloxi Sun Herald/MCT
A tree was pushed over outside Tulane Medical Center in New Orleans. Getty Images
People rest in a rescue truck atop a levee in Plaquemines Parish.
Rescue workers survey the floodwaters from a levee in Braithwaite. Getty Images
Police officers stand watch in the French Quarter. Reuters/Landov
Isaac pounds Gulf CoastA traffic light dangles at an intersection in Metairie, Louisiana, during strong wind and rain as Hurricane Isaac pushes ashore. Reuters/Landov
A tree toppled by hurricane-force winds lies on power lines near a home in New Orleans. Reuters/Landov
A storm surge causes water to quickly rise while waves pound the concrete seawall along the shores of Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans on Tuesday, August 28. EPA/LANDOV
Scott Burley runs from crashing surf on the Ken Combs Pier in Gulfport, Mississippi. Reuters/Landov
Jason Preston closes shutters on a home in Gulfport, Mississippi, as Hurricane Isaac approaches. Reuters/Landov
Emily Schneider leans against a pole to support herself against strong winds while visiting the banks of Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans, where Hurricane Isaac has made landfall. AFP/Getty Images
Water rises from a bayou, flooding properties ahead of the arrival of Hurricane Isaac in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. Getty Images
Bridgette Mooney, her husband Kevin, and their 15-month-old daughter Skyler watch from their home as Hurricane Isaac lashes their property with rain in Kiln, Mississippi. Getty Images
Employees of the Orleans Levee District remove signs from Lake Shore Drive near the shore of Lake Pontchartrain. Reuters/Landov
Evan Stoudt faces strong winds from the banks of Lake Pontchartrain. AFP/Getty Images
A man walks on Canal Street in New Orleans. Getty Images
Joshua Keegan and Ruffin Henry swim at Lake Pontchartrain. Getty Images
High surf splashes along Highway 193 north of the Dauphin Island Bridge in Alabama. The Press-Register/Landov
Waves from Hurricane Isaac smash against a warning sign at a flooded beach in Biloxi, Mississippi. EPA/Landov
A group of men sit on a bench at the edge of Lake Pontchartrain as Hurricane Isaac approaches. Getty Images
Matthew Pettus holds a sheet open in the wind on the levee near Lake Pontchartrain. Getty Images
People make their way across Canal Street in New Orleans. Getty Images
Joshua Keegan and his dog Scout swim in the rising water of Lake Pontchartrain. Getty Images
A Mississippi Department of Transportation sign in Hattiesburg warns southbound motorists on U.S. 49 of rough weather conditions on Tuesday, August 28. Hurricane Isaac is expected to drop heavy rain on the Mississippi Coast over the next couple of days. Biloxi Sun Herald/MCT
A woman and her dog watch the waves produced by Hurricane Isaac on the shore of Lake Pontchatrain in New Orleans on Tuesday. Hurricane Isaac is expected to make landfall later tonight along the Louisiana coast. Getty Images
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu receive an update on the status of the pumping station at the 17th Street Canal in Metairie, Louisiana. Getty Images
A couple takes photos in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. Many residents of the area decided to stay in their homes instead of evacuating. Getty Images
A man skateboards past a bar with boarded windows in the French Quarter in New Orleans. Getty Images
Diana Whipple of New Orleans watches waves crash on the shore of Lake Pontchartrain as Hurricane Isaac approaches Tuesday. Isaac became a Category 1 hurricane Tuesday when its maximum sustained winds reached 75 mph, the National Hurricane Center says. Reuters/Landov
Workers try to close off state Highway 23 South in Oakville, Louisiana, on Tueday as Issac heads toward the coast. Reuters/Landov
Gallery Nine Forty in New Orleans' French Quarter notifies customers it's "on Hurrication." epa/landov
Workers board up a business on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter as Isaac approaches Tuesday. epa/landov
Hydraulic pumps are prepared at the 17th Street Canal floodwall Tuesday in New Orleans. Reuters/Landov
A woman enjoys the a heavy rain in the Tampa, Florida, area, on Monday. Hurricane Isaac is expected to make landfall near New Orleans. AFP/Getty Images
Mounted law enforcement officials wait out a brief rainstorm during the National Republican Convention. Commercial bus cancellations caused by Isaac prevented many of the expected demonstrators from being present. Getty Images
A sign in the French Quarter makes fun of Hurricane Isaac. Getty Images
Workers place plywood on the windows of the Royal Sonesta Hotel on Bourbon Street. Getty Images
Aimo Ny rests on her cot in the hurricane shelter at the Belle Chasse Auditorium on Monday in Belle Chasse, Louisiana. Getty Images
iReporter Liz Yavinsky snapped this picture of a boy floating down a flooded street in West Palm Beach, Florida, on Monday. courtesy Liz Yavinsky
The manager of a shoe store in Harvey, Louisiana, places plywood over the windows in preparation of Hurricane Isaac. Landov
A crew from Jefferson Parish Drainage Department places large sandbags near a canal and pond in Jean Lafitte, Louisiana, on Monday in preparation for Isaac. Landov
A St. Petersburg, Florida, resident walks along the sea wall at Spa Beach, where larger than average waves were being kicked up by Tropical Storm Isaac on Monday. Landov
Oliver Marti sweeps water from heavy rains generated by Tropical Storm Isaac off the roof of his flower shop on Monday in Tampa, Florida. AFP/Getty Images
Waves batter the coast in Havana, Cuba, on Sunday after Tropical Storm Isaac passed the island. AFP/Getty Images
Larry Hoffmeister, left, and Charles Carter place storm shutters on Carter's vacation home on Dauphin Island, Alabama, as they prepare for Isaac on Sunday. The Press-Register/Landov
Justin and Kayla Franklin of Tennessee walk in wind and rain in downtown Key West as Tropical Storm Isaac moves over the island. Reuters/Landov
Biloxi, Mississippi, resident Stephanie Dale fills out paperwork Sunday to have her dog microchipped at the Humane Society of South Mississippi, which opened its doors to provide an emergency microchip and tag clinic. Biloxi Sun Herald/MCT/LANDOV
Ocean Springs, Mississippi, resident Charles Bartlett fills several gas containers in preparation for Isaac. Biloxi Sun Herald/MCT/LANDOV
Andrew Marino, left, and Colby Collier pull a wagon filled with sandbags back to their homes as Florida residents prepared for Tropical Storm Isaac in St. Pete Beach, Florida, on Sunday. Getty Images
Palm trees blow in the wind in front of the Tampa Bay Times Forum, where the start of the Republican National Convention was pushed to Tuesday. Getty Images
Earl, right, and Terri Harris place sandbags around their home to prepare for possible flooding. Getty Images
People venture out into the stormy weather as Tropical Storm Isaac passed by Marathon, Florida, on Sunday. Getty Images
A couple watch as waves and strong winds from Tropical Storm Isaac, which crossed Cuba on Sunday, batter the shore in Gibara, Cuba, on Saturday.
Strong winds bend palm trees in Cuba's northern province of Sancti Spiritus on Saturday. Isaac is expected to strengthen and become a Category 1 hurricane by early Monday as it draws nearer to Florida. EPA/LANDOV
A man captures the effects of Tropical Storm Isaac in Gibara. AFP/Getty Images
People watch from the shore as waves pound the coast in Gibara. AFP/Getty Images
Officials reported some storm surge and flooding in eastern Cuba. AFP/Getty Images
Tampa, Florida, area residents make preparations for the arrival of Tropical Storm Isaac by filling sandbags at a Hillsborough County Public Works Service Center on Saturday. Getty Images
A woman sits atop sandbags filled by Tampa area residents in preparation for the storm. Getty Images
A Florida Keys resident boards up the windows of a store on Duval Street in Key West after a hurricane warning was issued ahead of Tropical Storm Isaac. Getty Images
Two men install storm shutters on Duval Street on Saturday. Getty Images
Vehicles cross a bridge leaving the Lower Keys on Saturday as the storm strengthens and moves closer. Getty Images