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    Gaza's economy relies heavily on Egyptian stability. Some goods can only be smuggled into Gaza through tunnels.

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  • MME looks at the economy of Gaza, which relies heavily on Egyptian stability
  • As tensions in Syria continue, its neighbor, Lebanon, is feeling the pain too
  • Lebanese tourism sector is hit hard, as Gulf countries urge their citizens to leave
IN FOCUS: Gaza's struggling economy
As an IMF delegation heads to Egypt to bash out a deal for a multi-billion dollar loan, MME headed over the border to take a look at one economy that relies heavily on Egyptian stability: Gaza. Some goods can only be smuggled into Gaza through tunnels, but they have been shut down following clashes in the region. Their closure combined with restrictions on exports through Israel is hurting the economy. MME reports.
IN FOCUS: The ripple effect
Tensions in Syria continue to spill over into neighboring Lebanon and Gulf countries this week urged their citizens to leave. Lebanon has long been an popular destination for people from the Gulf looking to escape the summer heat. They are a huge part of the tourism sector, which, as MME found out, is being hit hard by the crisis in Syria.