Photos: Ecuador's Tungurahua volcano

Updated 11:51 AM ET, Wed August 22, 2012
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Smoke rises from the Tungurahua volcano in Huambalo, Ecuador, on Tuesday, August 21. Increased volcanic activity has led authorities to raise a security alert from moderate to high. The volcano is 87 miles (140 kilometers) south of Quito, Ecuador's capital. Are you there? Send us your pictures and video. EPA/LANDOV
Volunteer Carlos Sanchez analyzes samples of volcanic ash Tuesday in Banos, Ecuador. Calling himself "the Volcano Watcher," Sanchez assists volcanologists by observing Tungurahua. Reuters/Landov
Banos residents walk through the main square of town Tuesday as the nearby Tungurahua volcano spews ashes. Reuters/Landov
Eruptions from the Tungurahua volcano have prompted authorities to evacuate nearby residents. Xinhua/Landov
The glacier-capped, 16,478-foot (5,023-meter) volcano has erupted periodically since 1999. Reuters/Landov
Lava, ash and other volcanic material flows from Tungurahua on Tuesday. Tungurahua means "throat of fire" in the native Quechua language of the Andes. Reuters/Landov
A large cloud of ash blows over the town of Bilbao on Tuesday. Reuters/Landov
Clouds of gas and ash from Tungurahua are visible Monday, August 20, in Banos, a town at the foot of the volcano. Reuters/Landov
Ash blankets the ground in Banos on Sunday, August 19. Xinhua/Landov
Grass and trees in Banos appear gray from the showering of volcanic ash on Sunday. Xinhua/Landov
Residents take cover Sunday near Banos as the volcano spews large clouds of gas and ash. Reuters/Landov
A cow covered in ash stands along a road near Banos on Sunday. Reuters/Landov