9 killed in attacks in Iraq

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  • One attack occurred in northeastern Baghdad on Thursday
  • Another attack Thursday in Baghdad left 9 wounded
  • Three were killed in Anbar province
  • On Wednesday, attacks left 10 dead
A car bomb exploded outside a real-estate building in northeastern Baghdad on Thursday morning, killing six people and wounding 32 others, police said.
Also Thursday, a car bomb exploded on a busy road in al-Taji district on the northern outskirts of Baghdad, wounding nine people, police said.
And in Anbar province, about 60 kilometers (37 miles) west of Baghdad, gunmen killed at least three police officers and wounded six others.
These incidents come after a series of attacks in Diyala province Wednesday that left at least 10 people dead.
Violence in Iraq escalates
Violence in Iraq escalates


    Violence in Iraq escalates


Violence in Iraq escalates 01:51
Violence in Iraq hit a nearly two-year peak in July, with 325 deaths reported, the Interior Ministry said Wednesday. That's the deadliest single month since August 2010, when the toll reached 426, the ministry said.