World's record-breaking airports

Updated 11:27 AM ET, Mon January 12, 2015
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London's Heathrow has more international passengers than any other airport, according to Guinness World Records, with 67.3 million in 2013. Getty Images
Holding the record for the world's closest airports are the gateways to Papa Westray and Westray, neighboring islands in the Scottish Orkneys. A flight between the two takes an average of 96 seconds (2 minutes if you include taxiing time). Google Maps
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport holds two records, according to Guinness World Records. It is the busiest airport in the world in terms of the number of aircraft taking off and landing -- 924,000 in 2011 -- and also has the most passengers traveling through -- more than 94.4 million last year. Getty Images
The world's shortest commercially serviceable runway is at Juancho E.Yrausquin Airport on the island of Saba, Netherlands Antilles, in the Caribbean. The runway is just 396 meters (1,300 feet) in length; most aircraft carriers are only slightly longer than this. Courtesy Fentener Van Vlissingen
The world's highest airport sits at 14,219 feet above sea level. Surrounded by mountains, Qamdo Bangda Airport in Tibet operates a scheduled airline service but requires an extra-long runway (13,794 feet) to accommodate the extended stopping distance caused by the lack of atmospheric resistance at that altitude. Courtesy Eric Finlayson
The world's largest airport building is in Dubai. First opened in 2008, the airport is now the busiest in the Middle East and 7th busiest in the world. Last year, it greeted 66.4 million passengers. Courtesy Dubai International Airport
At a reported $20 billion, Hong Kong International Airport is one of the most expensive airport construction projects. It is also the world's busiest airport for cargo (freight and mail) and international freight (excluding mail). Courtesy Hong Kong International Airport
Mataveri International Airport on Easter Island is the world's most isolated airport, situated a remote 3,759 km from the nearest city -- Santiago, Chile. Google maps