Are you a window flier or aisle seater?


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What does airline seating choice say about you?

Some airlines charging more for choice window seats

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It’s a powerful thing: the airline window seat.

Kids clamor for them. Shutterbugs are drawn to them. And some of us can’t not look out the window.

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Statistics suggest that window seat passengers may enjoy their flights more. But changes are afoot for this travel touchstone.

Some of the most desirable window seats come at a premium now. And that may shift how we feel about them. And let’s face it, if all the photos snapped from airplane windows are any indication, we LOVE them.

Quick Vote - (Which airplane seat do you prefer?)
Quick Vote - (Which airplane seat do you prefer?)

Why all the love? Sure, the stunning 30,000-foot views are cool. But for some travelers, it’s deeper than that.

Really? Can you analyze a traveler’s personality by their favorite airplane seat? Of course not; don’t be ridiculous. But let’s do it anyway.

First, let’s take a look at the aisle seaters, who are passionate in their own right about airline seating. Screw the view; these folks are all business.

“The aisle person is looking to get some work done,” said Courtney Scott, Travelocity’s travel blogger.

They want quick access to the cabin door – or the restroom. And to get that access, they’re willing to put up with collisions with passing airline attendants and rattling snack carts.

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Aisle seaters sacrifice frequently standing up and sitting down – and returning their “folding trays to their full upright position” – to make way for the middle and window seaters.

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For window seaters, it’s not just about the view (or something to lean on). It’s about the experience! These fliers often are the true romantics.

Need proof? Search #windowseat on Twitter and you’ll find plenty of tweeters waxing about windows. Like Bouss’n.Like.A.Bouss: