4 flight attendants injured in one day, turbulence and burns are cited

Story highlights

  • On two separate flights, turbulence leaves flight attendants injured
  • On another flight, two flight attendants suffer burns when a drink spills
  • The injuries are not thought to be serious
Four flight attendants on three separate flights were injured and taken to hospitals Wednesday.
Turbulence was cited as the cause of two of the injuries while a spilled hot drink was blamed for the other two.
A flight attendant on US Airways Express flight 2435 operated by regional carrier PSA Airlines was injured by turbulence while the plane descended into Charlotte, the airline said..
The aircraft was met by paramedics who took her to the hospital where she was evaluated and released, US Airways spokesman Andrew Christie told CNN. He did not have any details about the nature of her injuries.
A Southwest Airlines flight attendant on flight 599 from Orlando to Nashville suffered an ankle injury due to severe turbulence the plane encountered, airline spokesman Paul Flaningan said.
Preliminary reports show she was taken to a local hospital but it wasn't thought to be a serious injury.
Two members of the cabin crew on Virgin Atlantic flight 7 from London to Los Angeles were burned when a drink spilled.
"Ground staff were alerted and as a precaution the aircraft was met by paramedics," airline spokeswoman Nadia Basil said. "We would like to commend the crew onboard who came to the aid of their colleagues and administrated the correct first aid in line with their training,"
The injured crew members were taken to the hospital, but later discharged.
No passengers were hurt in any of the incidents.
From February and June of this year 10 flight attendants were injured according to reports from the National Transportation Safety Board.
Most of the injuries were due to turbulence.