"The Dark Knight Rises" is doing well at the box office overseas.
Warner Bros.
"The Dark Knight Rises" is doing well at the box office overseas.

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Internationally, "Dark Knight Rises" has grossed $378.4 million

All told, "The Dark Knight Rises" has grossed $732 million worldwide

"Rises" may slightly surpass its predecessor's $1.0 billion worldwide

CNN —  

After three weekends, it’s clear that Warner Brothers’ $250 million franchise finale “The Dark Knight Rises,” which has earned $363.3 million, won’t be able to match “The Dark Knight’s” box office haul ($533.3 million) domestically, but it’s more than making up the difference overseas.

“Rises” is running well ahead of “The Dark Knight” internationally, having grossed $378.4 million so far. At the same point in its run, “The Dark Knight” had earned $203.7 million on the way to a $468.6 million international finish.

All told, “The Dark Knight Rises” has grossed $732 million worldwide, which rockets it into the number two spot at the worldwide box office this year behind “The Avengers,” which has grossed over $1.4 billion. In third place is “Ice Age: Continental Drift,” which has earned $716 million.

It’s very likely that “Rises,” which seems headed to a domestic finish just below $450 million, will slightly surpass its predecessor’s $1.0 billion worldwide cume, though only time will tell how high it will actually rise.

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