Elephant pedicures, hipster Olympics and more

How to give an elephant a pedicure
How to give an elephant a pedicure


    How to give an elephant a pedicure


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  • Check out some interesting or just plain bizarre stories from around the world
  • They range from rising flood waters in China to more creature comforts in Italy
From elephants getting pedicures to hipsters holding their own Olympics, here's a look at some recent stories from CNN's affiliates around the world that are interesting, unique or just plain bizarre.
In Australia, police have busted a major drug ring, seizing half a billion dollars' worth of crystal methamphetamine and heroin stuffed into terra cotta pots, Nine Network reports. More than 674 pounds of meth and 555 pounds of heroin were seized as part of an operation that began a year ago when the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration tipped off officials in Australia. See some of the haul in the video above.
Zookeepers at the Hongshan Forest Zoo in east China used a 2-foot-long file to give elephants there a pedicure. And they fed them apples while they got pampered! But the pedis weren't for beauty, as the CCTV report explains. Zookeepers say elephants' toenails wear down when they live in the wild, but because they don't have to travel long distances in captivity, their nails grow fast and need to be maintained to prevent bacteria infections. Watch more of the pedicures in the video above. Humans aren't the only ones that need a little spoiling sometimes.
Some hipsters in Germany take cool to a whole other level. They're so cool, they have Olympics to prove it. Dozens of people turned out for the second annual "Hipster Olympics," in the capital, Berlin. About 2,500 people gathered to watch the hipsters compete. Watch more in the video above or check out a few hipsters competing at RBB.
Who said cats and dogs can't get along? A kitten and dog in Sorbara, Italy, groom each other as they hang out on the sidewalk. Watch more of the creature comforts in the video above, from TM News.
The Yellow River, the second largest river in China, recently reached a third flood crest, CCTV reports. Torrential rains drove up the water level, the river's largest water flow since 1989. Typhoons Saola and Damrey will likely bring more rainfall to the lower and middle parts of the river. The Yellow River is also known as "China's Sorrow," because of its frequent flooding that devastates surrounding areas. Watch more of the floods in the video above.