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Twitter ruining London Games?

Story highlights

The London Games are being billed as the "Twitter Olympics"

But much of the online conversation has devolved into criticism of the Games

Twitter is far more popular now than it was at the Beijing and Vancouver Olympics

Writer says it has become "oxygen" of the games, fueling both positive and negative

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It all started out quite innocently, with jokes about the Queen’s perma-frown and GIF collections of weird, what-the-Dickens moments from the opening ceremony.

From there, however, the Twitter conversation about the London Olympics has taken a rapid turn toward the troll-ish. Athletes have been flaming sports announcers and lobbing racist comments at people from other countries. Pretty much everyone on the Internet has contributed to the #NBCFail hashtag.

A spectator told a British diver that his fourth-place finish “let your dad down.” (A dad, by the way, who died of cancer last year.) And Twitter itself has come under fire for briefly deleting the account of one of the Games’ and NBC’s biggest critics, purportedly for breaking the site’s terms or use.

Wasn’t this supposed to be the “Twitter Olympics,” where everyone rejoiced in the digital-era magic of hearing directly from the world’s best athletes and scrolling through a global, real-time conversation about what must be the planet’s most “Kumbaya”-like sporting event?