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Mystery marcher crashed opening ceremony

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NEW: Games organizers say they know who the woman was

Official: "We don't know who she is and why she was allowed to walk in"

The woman stands out among the athletes dressed in yellow

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Olympics organizers have identified a mystery woman who gatecrashed the Opening Ceremony and marched with India’s contingent in the Parade of Nations, they say.

She was a volunteer who was performing in the ceremony, the London organizing committee said Sunday.

“While there was no security threat to the team, clearly this should not have happened and we are investigating this matter further,” the statement said.

Organizers declined to release the woman’s name.

The sight of the woman dressed in a red hoodie and turquoise pants alongside the uniformed Indian delegation sparked worldwide speculation about who she was and how she got in.

The incident left India’s Olympics officials fuming Sunday.

“She had no business to walk in with the Indian contingent, and we are taking up the issue with the organizers,” Brig. P K Muralidharan Raja, the acting chef de mission of the contingent, told the Press Trust of India on Sunday.

“We don’t know who she is and why she was allowed to walk in,” he said before organizers released their statement.

Viewers around the world spotted the woman walking next to the flag bearer, wrestler Sushil Kumar, during the ceremony on Friday night.

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She looked out of place among the 40 athletes and 11 officials marching under the Indian flag. The men were dressed in blue blazers and yellow turbans, the women in yellow sarees. All had ID tags around their necks, except her.

“The Indian contingent was shown for hardly 10 seconds in the TV coverage, and the entire focus sadly was on this lady instead of the athletes,” Raja told PTI, a cooperative of Indian news agencies.

He added the contingent has taken “strong exception” and is surprised how she “could just intrude into the tracks.”

The South Asian nation of 1.2 billion is fielding 84 athletes in 13 sports including hockey, table tennis, weightlifting, wrestling, shooting and badminton, as well as 58 officials.

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