Photos: Quiet cosplay moments at Comic-Con

Updated 9:54 AM ET, Thu July 26, 2012
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Superman won't get lost in the crushing Comic-Con crowds. Mathieu Young/CNN
There's Waldo! A stylized, kawaii take on the iconic bespectacled stand-out. Mathieu Young/CNN
Spider-Man takes a call in a quiet corner of the San Diego Convention Center. Mathieu Young/CNN
Harley Quinn strikes a pose on her way to a Comic-Con panel. Mathieu Young/CNN
Who says a bounty hunter has to be a man? This lady Boba Fett is is armed and ready to take on any scruffy nerf herders at Comic-Con. She'd better watch out; we hear they shoot first. Mathieu Young/CNN
Could that really be DJ Deadmau5 taking a breather at Comic-Con? Mathieu Young/CNN
Catwoman double-checks her panel plans for the day. Mathieu Young/CNN
What in the name of the Schwartz is Dark Helmet tweeting? Perhaps a warning against ludicrous speed? Mathieu Young/CNN
The ancient Galactus (complete with a puny, watchful Silver Surfer) brings along a planet as a Comic-Con snack. Mathieu Young/CNN
Madoka Kaname (from "Madoka Magica") and Kisuke Urahara (from "Bleach") exude a cool otaku vibe as they head to the ground floor of the San Diego Convention Center. Mathieu Young/CNN