Jon Lovitz to Obama about his Nobel Prize: 'You didn't earn that'

Jon Lovitz used a recent hot talking point regarding President Obama to craft his tweet.

Story highlights

  • Jon Lovitz has been a vocal critic of President Obama in the past
  • Lovitz has caught flak on Twitter because of his remarks
  • The actor is a Democrat who voted for President Obama in 2008
Former "Saturday Night Live" funnyman Jon Lovitz is seemingly continuing to audition for a job as a cable news talking head. The comedian, who's been a vocal critic of President Obama in the past (most recently calling him a "f—ing a--hole" during a podcast) has taken to — where else? — Twitter to speak out about the President's recent comments.
"I didn't build my business, either," Lovitz tweeted yesterday, along with a photo of the president holding his Nobel Peace Prize with text over the photo reading, "Nobel Peace Prize? You didn't earn that. Somebody else made that happen."
Lovitz is referring to a comment Obama recently gave that's become a hot Republican talking point. "If you've got a business — you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen," Obama said, in part.
Lovitz, a Democrat who voted for Obama in 2008, has taken some flak for his most recent comment, and has been responding to many users on Twitter. In particular, he called out The Huffington Post, writing, "I don't know who is in charge of comedy on the Huffington Post, but I do know they have no sense of humor."