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Attempted child abduction caught on tape

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Man tried to abduct girl, 10, while she was walking home, police say

The attempted abduction is caught on surveillance video

Video shows man fleeing after girl falls down

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Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter has announced a $10,000 reward for the capture of a man who attempted to abduct a 10-year-old girl while she was walking home from a store with her 2-year-old brother on Tuesday.

“It’s a sick individual to do something like that,” Nutter said Wednesday at a news conference. “I want this creep off our streets immediately.”

The surveillance video was released Wednesday on the Philadelphia Police Department’s YouTube page.

Video shows Georgia girl, 7, fighting off alleged kidnapper

It shows a white car pulling up to the corner of Porter and Lee streets while the girl and her brother are walking home. As the children make a left onto Lee Street, a male gets out of the car and follows the children.

The video then switches to Lee Street as the suspect walks up behind the girl and grabs her, pulling her away from her little brother, whose hand she was holding. The girl falls to the ground moments after she is grabbed and the suspect then lets go and runs away, fleeing in the white car. Authorities say the man also put his hand over the girl’s mouth, though that is unclear in the video.

Police describe the suspect as a Hispanic male in his 30s or 40s who was last seen in a white, four-door midsize car.

Neighbors told CNN affiliate KYW they are grateful the little girl is OK, but were worried for children in the neighborhood while the man was on the loose.

“It’s scary. It’s making people nervous, making people think that they can’t bring their kids outside, you know, and let them play outside by themselves, and that’s not right,” neighbor Kathleen McDowell told KYW.