Mexican police arrest officer suspected in airport shooting

Bogard Federal police officer Felipe Lugo de Leon was arrested in connection with a deadly shootout at the Mexico City airport.

Story highlights

  • A tip leads police to a suspect they say is connected with an airport shooting
  • Two other suspects, police officers accused of killing fellow officers, remain at large
  • Authorities say the officers opened fire after fellow officers tried to arrest them in a drug investigation
Mexican authorities Sunday arrested a suspect connected with the killing of three federal police officers in a shootout last month at the Mexico City airport.
A tip led police to Bogard Felipe Lugo de Leon, said Luis Cardenas Palomino, head of a regional unit for Mexico's federal police agency.
Lugo de Leon was the supervisor of two federal police officers accused of opening fire on three of their colleagues during a drug bust at Mexico City's Benito Juarez International Airport, authorities said. Security camera footage showed him leaving the airport after the shooting, police said. Authorities have not provided additional details about his alleged involvement.
The two officers accused in the shooting, Daniel Cruz Garcia and Zeferino Morales Franco, remain at large.
Authorities are offering a 5 million peso ($376,100) reward for information leading to their capture.
The June 25 shooting sent passengers scrambling and left shattered glass on the ground near a food court at the airport.
Officials allege that Cruz and Morales opened fire on their fellow officers, who were attempting to arrest them after an investigation showed they had ties to a drug trafficking cell. Cruz and Morales told Proceso magazine earlier this month that they had no connection with drug trafficking, and were being targeted because they had threatened to denounce drug ties within airport police ranks.