How to shop made in America for the holidays

Story highlights

  • Buying American-made products is a patriotic way to spread holiday cheer
  • Products manufactured in America may seem hard to find, but it's not impossible

(CNN)There's no denying that fewer consumer goods are made in the United States today than in the heyday of American manufacturing.

But that doesn't mean American-made products no longer exist. A handful of longstanding heritage brands and a new crop of patriotic upstarts are turning out a variety of products made in the United States, from clothes and accessories to beauty products and kitchen supplies.
Here's a list of websites and Facebook groups dedicated to helping consumers find products made in the United States, along with a few brands known to manufacture most or a substantial portion of their goods stateside. We did our best to vet the companies but it's always best to check as businesses constantly change practices.
This least is by no means exhaustive; share your suggestions in the comments.