Texas community absorbs 10 inches of rain in a few hours

Story highlights

  • By early afternoon the water had receded, county worker Sue Cerf says
  • A slow-moving storm leaves a portion of Webberville, Texas, under water
  • At least 15 residences were flooded, an emergency management official says
A community just outside of Austin, Texas, was pounded by about 10 inches of rain over a few hours early Tuesday, causing flash floods and leaving at least 15 residences surrounded by water, a Texas emergency management official told CNN.
Webberville, Texas, near the western edge of Bastrop County, received about 10 inches of rain starting around 5 a.m., according to Mike Fisher, the county's emergency management coordinator.
"Residents at the end of the subdivision are our concern right now, if anybody's home," Fisher said around midmorning, before the water started receding.
At least four residences were evacuated, but it was unclear how many people were affected by the flooding, he said.
"It was a slow-moving thunderstorm that came through in that one particular little spot of Webberville," Fisher said.
By 12:30 p.m. the water had receded and everything was "back to normal," said Sue Cerf of emergency management department. No one was injured, she said.
"The rain has let up too, but you know how it is around here, all that can change fast," she said.
In late 2011, Bastrop County was the site of a vicious wildfire. The Bastrop Complex fire torched more than 1,500 homes and 34,000 acres of land as firefighters worked for weeks to contain it.