Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's June fundraising haul could fill almost 2 million gas tanks
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Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's June fundraising haul could fill almost 2 million gas tanks

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Mitt Romney for the first time is expected to raise more money than President Obama

He raised $100 million in June; Obama numbers haven't been released yet

$100 million can buy 366 new homes, movie night for 2 million people

It can pay for 40,000 five-day vacations or more than 35 million McDonald's happy meals

Washington, DC CNN —  

Mitt Romney campaign said it raised more than $100 million in June, surpassing the more than $77 million it raised the previous months.

President Barack Obama’s campaign has not yet released its June numbers, which have to be filed with the Federal Election Commission by July 20. Romney for the first time is expected to have raised more money than Obama.

At a time when the economy is still struggling to recover and American families are pinching pennies, we decided to see exactly how far $100 million goes.

366 new homes: Based on 2010 census data, which put the average cost of a new home in the United States at $272,900.

Health insurance for 4,824 families of four: According to the Milliman Index, the average cost of employer-based health insurance for a family of four in 2012 is $20,728.

2,646 one-year tuitions at private colleges or universities or 6,660 one-year tuitions at public institutions: According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the average cost for one year at a four-year private college or university is $32,790; $15,014 for a public institution.

A night at the movies for 2 million families of four: Based on data collected from AMC movie theaters across the country, the approximate cost of a night at the movies for a family of four is $50.

1,668 Hermes Birkin bags: Known as a sign of wealth and opulence, Romney’s June fundraising numbers could outfit more than 1,500 women with one of the most exclusive of the purses – a crocodile bag going for $59,950 on eBay.

29,779,630 gallons of gas, enough to fill 1,751,742 17-gallon American gas tanks: According to AAA, the national average cost for a gallon of regular gas on Friday was $3.358.

29,180,040 gallons of milk: Filling cereal bowls and glasses to dunk cookies into for millions of American families, the average cost of a gallon of milk in May was $3.427.

Almost 2 million Hanes men’s undershirts. According to the Hanes’ website, a 3-pack of crew-neck ComfortBlend undershirts is $15. A cool $100 million could buy 6,666,666 3-packs.

40,000 five-day couples’ vacations: While making a statement on the June jobs report, Romney was asked about his taking a vacation while the campaign was heating up. Romney replied that he wished more Americans could take more vacations. AAA recommends that couples spend about $250 a day on vacation.

Almost 60 million McDonald’s happy meals. A children’s hamburger Happy Meal costs $1.70 plus tax, according to the chain’s website. Divided by $100 million, that’s 58,823,529 hamburgers, fries, small drinks and a toy.